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  • What distinguishes purchasing the game directly from your website compared to acquiring it through Steam?
    By purchasing through our website, a larger portion of the funds directly contributes to the development of INSTINCTION. Once the Supporter/Standard tier is released on Steam, you will receive your Steam Key and access details to the game from Xsolla. Xsolla Game Sales is a direct-to-consumer solution that enables us to sell game keys via our website.
  • I haven't received any Supporter/Standard Edition emails?
    Kindly review your junk/spam emails, as email protocols may redirect them there at times. In case you recently updated your email with us, also check your previous email address. The Xsolla checkout page has a 24hr helpline, if you are stuck, they are there to help! If neither of these steps resolves the issue, please contact us directly, reach out to
  • I'm facing an issue. What do I do?
    Should you encounter any problems while purchasing the game on our website The Xsolla checkout page has a 24hr helpline, if you are stuck, they are there to help! Should you require support for anything else, contact
  • Can I play as a dinosaur?
    Multiple instances in the campaign you can play as a dinosaur, includes land, air and underwater. There are also companions. Separate game modes to play with, against and as a dinosaur of your choosing, and some customisation.
  • Who is Hashbane Interactive?
    Hashbane Interactive is a New Zealand based Game Development studio. Collectively our team has worked on The Last of Us & Uncharted series, God of War, Shadow & Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I & II, Marvel Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, Apple TV’s/BBC’s Prehistoric Planet, Aquaman, Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, Godzilla vs Kong, Mufasa: The Lion King, Oscar-winning 1917, Ghostbusters, and some yet-to-be-revealed titles. With over two decades of studio operational experience, prior expertise includes critically acclaimed awards for creative and technical work at Crystal Dynamics, Lucas Arts, EA, Eidos, Apple TV, BBC, HBO, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Disney, PlayStation, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red, Avalanche, MPC, and Sony London. Some of our Team Profiles and more coming! We have received backing from Hillfarrance Venture Capital, NZ Growth Capital Partners and an Epic Games Megagrant. We also work closely with NVIDIA & Intel
  • Why should I become a Supporter?
    We'd suggest anyone interested to play INSTINCTION should Wishlist on Steam, that way you will be notified when the game is released. The Standard Edition is a 33% discount on the launch price, you also get limited access to the private Discord with a monthly update on development progress not shared publicly, exclusive Discord role and early access to the public demo, this discount is only available for a few months. Within the 6 months leading up to launch an Early Access with 20% discount will be available without any additional benefits. Our Supporter Edition tier is mostly geared at players that want to directly support development, have full access to the private Discord server, provide early feedback, get access to Alpha builds of the game (not feature complete) and partake in early experimental features testing. Alpha builds will contain various mechanics, game features and modes including multiplayer, enemy and friendly AI. This limited and dedicated group of playtesters will allow us to iterate and achieve the best versions of in-game systems. The Alpha will start in June 2024 and continue through to release, divided into 4 phases and periodic updates. Initial focus is on single player campaign mechanics and additional game modes, CO-OP/ multiplayer will be included in subsequent updates, full roadmap available soon. The proceeds of this Supporter and Standard Editions will go entirely towards supporting the development of INSTINCTION.
  • Which platforms will be INSTINCTION be available on?
    Instinction will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on release. We are largely prioritising next-gen consoles, given that Sony and Microsoft are four years into the new generation, they will likely only offer support for older consoles for a short period. For instance Sony will only support PS4 until 2025, Microsoft allows backwards compatibility across four generations of Xbox but of course performance will vary on older generations. Our ultimate goal is to maximise player usability across all devices and we're investigating services like GeForce NOW with our engagement partners at Nvidia, which delivers real-time gameplay straight from the cloud to your laptop, desktop, Mac, Chromebook, SHIELD TV, select Samsung and LG TVs, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This allows you maintain your existing purchase via Steam and other storefronts and the ability to stream high fidelity gameplay to practically any device. Supporter Edition holders will receive Alpha and Experimental branches prior to release on PC only via Steam. This is only available on PC because it is more straightforward and accessible for a studio of our size. The process of receiving feedback and interacting with our Supporters and pushing updates will be more immediate this way.
  • What are the system Requirements to run the game?
    At the bottom of the INSTINCTION Steam page you can find the latest recommended and minimum specs. This will be updated after some more internal stress tests and external playtesting, as we continue to add efficiencies, we test on a full spectrum of PCs. Obviously better spec rigs will offer better quality, we're also making use of super sampling with Nvidia and Intel. Full performance testing results will be shared too once completed!
  • How many dinosaurs are in the base game?
    Our current roster has 29 dinosaurs at release, you can also expect prehistoric mammals and ambient fauna. There will also be different age, sex and colourations. For the general public we plan to keep some dinosaur reveals secret until release, Supporter Editions will get access to our full roster as we start on early concepting through to final models, animation and AI implementations.
  • Will there be DLCs?
    A future DLC is planned with an additional 25 creatures, expansion pack with new characters and locations, as well as a few new game modes and mechanics. Our focus is on the initial release and some details are in discussion and we will be taking user feedback into account as we plan the DLC's.
  • What is INSTINCTION, does the game feature a campaign?
    Yes, INSTINCTION will have a narrative-driven campaign. A grounded, prehistoric science-fiction story that features a relatable protagonist contending with grief, the obligations of family, and the challenges of the incredible world she finds herself in. What begins as a simple trip to an isolated village becomes the adventure of a lifetime as Izzy is thrust in the middle of a modern conflict in an ancient, hidden world. Deep in the Yucatan Jungle, she discovers her grandmother's heritage: an incredible hidden civilization that lives side by side with dinosaurs, threatened by forces from without, and within... A fully realised wide-linear world with stunning architecture and a thriving prehistoric ecology with AI that interacts autonomously within the environment. Gameplay will feature a combination of stealth, ranged and melee combat, supernatural abilities, and environmental mechanics will translate to fresh takes on everything from dealing with waves of enemies to boss battles, there are sections where you can play as dinosaurs too. Additionally you will find other game modes, some geared toward multiplayer combat.
  • Where can I access the Discord Server?
    The public Discord server will be announced and available in the new two months. Supporter/Standard Edition holders will initially receive access to the Discord server and have access to private channels, this will be open in the third week of February.
  • Will there be controller support?
    Absolutely, this will be rolled out during Alpha testing.
  • Is there a way for me to get a game key as a creator?
    Yes! You can apply to get a game key for INSTINCTION here:
  • When does the Alpha start?
    The Alpha will start in June 2024 and continue through to release, divided into 4 phases and periodic updates. Initial focus is on single player campaign mechanics and additional game modes, CO-OP/ multiplayer will be included in subsequent updates, full roadmap available soon.
  • How can I upgrade from a Standard Edition to a Supporter Edition?
    For now can contact us directly, or wait for the Supporter DLC to be added to our website and Steam page when the Standard Edition offer expires.
  • Which aspects of the Closed Playtests am I allowed to discuss Publicly?
    Conversations regarding the Closed Playtest are limited to the Supporter Discord. Public discussions are restricted to information officially released by Hashbane Interactive or authorized directly by Hashbane Interactive.
  • What are the consequences if I violate the NDA or fail to adhere to these instructions?
    Failure to comply with the NDA guidelines will result in the revocation of Discord and Alpha playtest access and may subject you to legal consequences.
  • Is it against the terms of the NDA to reveal one's involvement in the alpha version of the game?
    Yes, it's permissible to inform others that you are partaking in the playtesting.
  • What do I do if someone is breaking the NDA?
    Reach out to us at with credible evidence of a breach, and we will conduct an investigation. Our embedded technology aids in identifying those who violate the terms.
  • What's the reason for an NDA regarding the details of the Closed Playtest?
    Hashbane Interactive aims to involve paying supporters in the game development process while also safeguarding the early stages of the game. This approach is driven by the dynamic nature of game development and the desire to present the final product more accurately. The Closed Playtests serve as a means for Hashbane Interactive to convey the substantial effort invested in INSTINCTION to supporters while preserving a level of confidentiality and mutual respect to the development process.
  • How do I access the Supporter & Standard Edition Discord?
    Supporter/Standard Edition holders will initially receive access to the Discord server and have access to private channels, this will be open in the third week of February. You will be sent an invite via email with verification instructions.
  • Would recording NDA gameplay now and uploading it post-release breach the NDA?
    Indeed, NDA-protected content remains confidential. This encompasses material (gameplay, screenshots, etc.) predating the NDA-free release. Displaying NDA-protected Closed Playtest content is allowed only when authorized by Hashbane Interactive on an official social media platform or with explicit written permission from Hashbane Interactive.
  • If I accidentally input the wrong address/billing information for my order what do I do?
    Provide proof of purchase to us via email:
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